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Antioxidant Black Soybean Tea non-GMO Japan-origin Tamba Black Bean

Antioxidant Black Soybean Tea (non-GMO Japan-origin Tamba Black Bean)


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Famous Japanese Black Soybean Tea, in teabags. Ready to drink anytime.

Japanese Black Soybean is also known as Tamba Mame (Bean) or Kuromame. An essential ingredient in a Japanese diet especially during the new year feast.

The cultivation of Tamba Black Soybean dates back as early as the ancient Heian period fof Japan.

It is abundant in nutrients: Linoleic Acid, Lecithin, Saponin, Isoflavone, Anthocyanin and Cyanidin.

Benefits associated from the nutrients respectively include: 1) increases metabolism. 2) aids to improve memory. 3)inhibits assimilation of fat and decreases cholesterol. 4) helps prevent onset of osteoporosis. 5) antioxidant 6) aids to cleanse and purify blood.
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Origin: Hyogo, Japan
Direct from Farm/ Factory: Yakuno
Product Volume: 10g x 10

Ingredients: Japanese Black Soybean (NON-GMO)

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