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Cup Holder

Cup Holder

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Eliminate those plastic sleeves that come whenever you purchase a drink. Scroll down for more details to make an informed decision.
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Portable and practical, this reusable cup holder replaces those unnecessary plastic cup holders that we usually get in Singapore. They are made from scrap fabrics that are salvaged from the fabric shops or donated to us. When not in use, roll it up and place it in your bag! There is also a slot for you to keep the cup holder or place your bubble tea in them. Simply slip your cup into it like a ring! The perfect gift or addition to your morning coffee. They are made to fits the average Kopitiam and bubble teacups, of various sizes. They can also be used on the Stojo Cup. Material: Waterproof cotton You can either hand wash or machine wash the cup holders. If you choose to machine wash, do ensure you wash it with similar colours. Made In Singapore (Our maker spends an average of 5 minutes to sew this cup holder) End of Life Treatment: Compostable