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Kumamoto Hand-stretched Udon Japan-origin  High-grade quality dry

Kumamoto Hand-stretched Udon (Japan-origin, High-grade quality), dry


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One of the most traditional Japanese noodle. High-grade quality, taste and texture. Japan-origin.

Water is the mother of all good foods, and the noodle is no stranger to that. This is why Kumamoto produces very good quality noodle. Ramen is popular there, yet the most traditional Japanese noodle is Soba and Udon!

The Maker, Higo Sogawa adopts unique noodle making process known as hand-stretching method that is very tedious and time-consuming. Higo Sogawa also run their own noodle restaurants.

We now proudly introduce this silky dry noodle patronized by the local noodle lovers for years, to Singapore. Enjoy!
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Origin: Kumamoto, Japan
Direct from Farm/ Factory: Higou Soukawa

Product Volume: 180g