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MUJI Indian Cotton My Tote Bag Vertical

MUJI Indian Cotton My Tote Bag Vertical

Sold by: MUJI

SKU#: 4550182716023
Tote bag made with thick canvas material. Using organic cotton.

Material: Body: Cotton 100%, Handle: Cotton100%
Country / Region of origin: India

●This product is interfused with plant material due to the nature of the material. Colouration that looks like staining may occur in light-coloured products.
●Discolouration can be caused by direct sunlight and fluorescent light.
●Please note that the natural colour of this product is used, with no bleaching or dyeing. The colour therefore varies depending on the raw material.
●Avoid washing as doing so may cause the product to become misshapen.
●If this item gets dirty, remove stains by dabbing gently with a firmly wrung out towel or similar, then dry in a shaded and well- ventilated area.
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