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Red Bull SPECT Sunglasses  BUBBLE-001P  Polarized  Black Frame  Smoke Lens

Red Bull SPECT Sunglasses | BUBBLE-001P | Polarized | Black Frame | Smoke Lens


SKU#: 121750
SPECT Eyewear is a crossover eyewear brand linking the world of sport with street fashion. Our eyewear is equipped with special functions
and designed to be worn before, during and after sports activities.

BUBBLE is the perfect pair of all-rounder sunglasses. For leisure or sports activities – these shades are your loyal companion. The robust frame is made of bendable TPE material. Due to their memory function, the flexible sunglasses return to their shape even after extreme bending. BUBBLE comes in a rectangular shape, which fits many face shapes. With polarized lenses for a sharp vision, these sunglasses are the perfect balance of style and function.

Flexible Sunglasses With Memory Function
Our ULTRA-FLEX sunglasses are made from innovative TPE material and are exceptionally flexible. Thanks to the memory effect, the robust glasses return to their original shape even after extreme bending. The anti-bacterial material is also extremely hygienic and perfectly suited for sweaty sporting activities. Light, flexible and dimensionally stable at the same time, ULTRA-FLEX sunglasses are the perfect companions for everyday life and sports.

Our polarized sunglasses reduce the negative effects of reflected sunlight. Contrasts and colors are perceived more intensively because the integratedd polarization filter absorbs disturbing light reflections. Your vision becomes clearer and sharper, your eyes are less strained. Polarized lenses are therefore particularly advantageous for outdoor sports and road traffic.
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