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Soap Bag

Soap Bag

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Save your soap bars and exfoliate at the same time by this hand made crochet hemp bag! Simply place the soap in the soap bag, pull the cord, and treat yourself to a good scrub.
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Use this hemp soap bag to keep your pieces of soap intact and also provide gentle exfoliation as you soap up. Each hemp soap bag is handmade with love in Singapore and takes about half an hour and 45 minutes. Hemp is environmentally friendly as hemp production needs no herbicides or pesticides & has low water requirements. Hemp is also naturally resistant to damp, mould, bacteria, moths and silverfish. All soap bags can fit our Vegan Soap Bars nicely. Material: Blend of Cotton, Hemp and bamboo. Italy imported yarn. Care Instructions: Rinse well after use and hang dry between washes. Machine wash in a washing net after a week or two to maintain freshness. Hemp does not peel and will get softer with every wash. We highly recommend you to replace this soap bag every 6 months for hygiene purposes. Made In: Singapore End of Life Treatment: Compostable