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SUTAMAGO  Original Health Drink from Japan 360ml dilute with water - High Vitamin-C Calcium-Rich Gut Health

SUTAMAGO | Original Health Drink from Japan, 360ml (dilute with water) - High Vitamin-C, Calcium-Rich, Gut Health!


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SUPPLMENT YOUR HEALTH! Featured in Japan TBS Health Program, TAIKOBAN program, amongst 300 medical doctors.

HIGH VITAMIN-C! Contains Japan's locally grown Acerola and Yuzu juice. (a 150ml glass of diluted Sutamago contains Vitamin-C equivalent to approx eight lemons. Also contains fresh royal jelly.

CALCIUM-RICH! Nautrally derived from eggshell from free-range chicken farms in Ehime Japan. When the eggs are melted into our signature rice vinegar, the eggshell calcium becomes more absorbable.

PREBIOTIC GUT HEALTH! Contains galacto-oligosaccharides. Know to nhance gut health, aid digestion and improve immunity.

Suitable for:
- people who need a more balanced diet, increase intake of calcium, essential minerals and vitamin C
- those with concerns of blood sugar, cholesterol and bone strength.
- active athletes
- heavy smokers
- elderly
- ladies who want to maintain beauty and wellness

Orangy lump found in the bottle is due to it’s natural limonoid from the citrus. It is good for consumption.
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Origin: Ehime, Japan
Farm/ Factory: MORIBUN

Product Volume: 360ml

Contains Egg and Royal Jelly.

Sutamago, 360ml 5

Sutamago, 360ml 6

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