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Yamamoto Aojiru Young Barley Grass Powder 100 44 PacksBox

Yamamoto Aojiru Young Barley Grass Powder 100% (44 Packs/Box )


SKU#: 2395002000003
If health is what you are passionate about, YAMAMOTO Barley Grass Aojiru Powder will be your best friend.It’s been the best selling aojiru in Japan for four years. Aojiru used to taste really bitter, but 100% Barley Grass Aojiru has very simple taste and aroma, making a daily consumption very pleasant for health-conscious individuals. Aojiru helps alleviate the problem of: constipation, obesity, fatigue, lack of vegetables, ill health and so on. Barley Grass Aojiru can also be used as a healthy ingredient for a variety of dishes and sweets. What’s your secret recipe? Enter the world of aojiru and enjoy a healthy life.
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Producer: Yamamoto Japan
COP: Made in Japan
Amount: 3g x 44 sticks
1 or 2 sticks a day
This product can be taken any time of the day or night as it’s a health food product
Mix one Kale Aojiru Drink stick with 100g of milk, soy milk or water and stir well
This product can be consumed either hot or cold
If prefered, add extra ingredients such as kinako (roasted soybean flour), yoghurt, honey, etc.
Use a shaker or a pet bottle to mix the drink more thoroughly (do not use hot water in case of the shaker and the pet bottle)